How to make solid football bets during Euro Cup 2020?

It is not good enough to place bets on Euro Cup 2020 this year and not worry about doing your research beforehand.


In fact, if you do want to be sure you are making solid football bets during Euro Cup 2020, here are a few tips of things you should do before you place that first bet.


Take your time placing bets — Remember, Euro Cup 2020 involves 24 teams and takes place over a month’s time. This gives you plenty of time to place bets.


That is why most professional football gamblers take their time placing their first bets in Euro Cup 2020. After all, it is better to spend the first week of play watching each team’s matches. You will then get more of an idea of the teams that are likely to do well further on in the tournament and those that will probably be eliminated.


You can begin placing bets when you have more information about each team, as these well-informed bets are likely to be more solid.


Research team history — One of the most important things to know before placing any bets on Euro Cup 2020 match outcomes is how each team historically does against other teams?


How well does Germany usually play against the United Kingdom? Is Russia a better team to bet on than Scotland, or will Hungary easily defeat Israel?


Know the history of teams playing against each other going in, and you can much more easily predict what will happen during Euro Cup 2020.


Never bet more than 10% of your bankroll — Make sure you keep strict control of your bankroll and never place more than 10% of the entire amount as a bet.


While 10% will probably not bring you huge winnings if you place a smart bet, it will allow you to continue betting through the entire month of taruhan piala euro Cup 2020 without running out of funds.


Avoid placing bets as a fan — The main thing professional gamblers never do is bet as a fan.


This means, if your favorite team is playing in Euro Cup 2020, only bet on games if you feel they are capable of winning without any doubt in your mind at all. If, however, you would be placing a bet with the hope they could win, avoid that bet and bet on a different team instead.


After all, most fans that bet on their favorite team tend to lose more than they win.


Keep an eye on the favorites — It is best not to place bets on the favorites right at the beginning of the tournament.


While Portugal and Germany may do well, you should watch their first few matches before spending your money on them, as surprising things can happen in the beginning rounds.