World’s Most Successful Football Gamblers

Football, everybody’s favorite game, especially when you’re willing to bet your hard-earned money on it! Professional bettors have made their own game of it, successfully gambling their money on who they bet will win out of their favorite teams, and they’re enjoying every minute making those bets – but at a cost?

There are people in the world who have made a mint gambling on the game of football (on sites like EM 2021 Wetten). Here we are going to look at the most significant top five bettors, how much they’ve made and where are they now?


Pete Rose:

Probably one of the most notorious bettors for allegedly betting against his own team. Some sources say this just isn’t true, but the American public has thought differently through the years. That said, it’s been estimated that Pete bet $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 daily on football. No one knows exactly how much Rose made on gambling, but it probably cost him more in the long run. In 1989 Pete was banned from the MLB forever.


Billy Walters:

Billy Walters is one of the biggest legends in sports betting, betting on big games such as Super Bowl XLIV taking home $3.5 million. Billy’s winning streak lasted over 30 years with only one of those years suffering losses. However, after millions of dollars later, Billy’s gambling caught up to him. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison in 2017 for his role in an insider trading case involving Dean Foods. He is now under house arrest due to Covid but is expected to be released in 2022.


Anthony Bloom:

Tony “The Lizard” Bloom has been so successful at betting that he bet his way into purchasing his own professional sports franchise! As one of the bettors with a better outcome (he’s not been arrested), he bet his way into the name “Lizard” because of his cold-blooded ways on the poker table giving him some of his biggest wins and allowing him to become chairman of Brighton and Hove Albion, a premier league English football club. It’s estimated Tony is worth $1.3 billion. Essentially not betting on football but now owning his own team, he’s one of the success stories in betting!



Steve Fezzik:

Steve Fezzik is one of the most well-known bettors in the world. Using his mathematical knowledge, Fezzik makes millions LEGALLY betting on games as well as picking for the general public, too, for a mere $300.00 you can get a thirty-day pass of Fezzik’s picks, offering you guaranteed refunds if you’re dissatisfied with the information he gives you. He’s not only reaping his rewards at betting for himself but for you too. As a legal better, Fezzik is touted as a success story in betting.


Billy Walters:

Billy started his gambling at the tender age of 9 years old, betting on what money he received as a kid from his paper route on the Yankees to beat the Dodgers. Even though he lost, he continued to gamble himself into a $200 million net worth. Unfortunately for Billy, he was sentenced in 2017 for insider trading charges and was released in 2020. It’s noted that Walters had averaged $15 million in betting profits before going to prison, but it’s unclear if he plans to resume gambling.


Even though most of these bettors were successful at their “game” a lot of them suffered a loss by not using the profits of betting, legally.

It’s said you must be diligent, disciplined, courageous, a good planner, and patient if you want to be as successful as some of these men. I guess that if you’re willing to take a chance on the game, then maybe you’re already a winner!